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The School of Humanities and Communication is a community of committed scholars, researchers and creative artists in the Humanities and Communication fields who lead, inspire and encourage students in engaging with their worlds and the contexts in which they live.

Research Themes

1. Cultural Heritage and the Environment
Professor Lara Lamb and Professor Bryce Barker - Pathways through Tropical Sahul: The Archaeology of the Great Papuan Plateau
Professor Bryce Barker - Archaeology of the Queensland Native Mounted Police
Professor Bryce Barker - Aboriginal Rock Art and Cultural Heritage Management in Cape York Peninsula 
Professor Laurie Johnson - Playing Conditions: How Climate Volatility Shaped Shakespearean Theatre
Dr Jayne Persian - Migration, Memory and Commemoration
Dr Catherin Dewhirst - Digitising Internment Memories

2. Memory, Migration and Mobility
Dr Jayne Persian - Migration, Refugees, Nation-Building and Ethnic Communities
Dr Jessica Carniel and Dr Jayne Persian - Ethnic Humour and Representation
Dr Kate Cantrell - Wandering, New Mobilities, and Australian Travel Writing
Dr Catherine Dewhirst - Imperialism, Marginalised Communities and Defiant Voices

3. Media and Mediascapes
Assoc. Prof. Jessica Gildersleeve - Affective Screen Cultures
Dr Jessica Carniel - Global Popular Culture, Multiculturalism, Transnationalism
Dr Jessica Carniel - Ethics, Pedagogy, Humanities
Dr Caryn Coatney - Investigative Journalism
Assoc. Prof. Kelly McWilliam - Post-millennial Australian Cinema

4. Conflict, Crisis and Communication
Assoc. Prof. Jessica Gildersleeve and Richard Gehrmann - War, Trauma and Memory
Dr Barbara Ryan - Community Information, Preparation, and Disaster
Dr Caryn Coatney - Leaders, Journalists and Conflicts

5. Community and Cohesion
Assoc. Prof. Jessica Gildersleeve - Australian Literature, Culture and Affect
Dr Jayne Persian - Community Storytelling
Dr Barbara Ryan - Community Narratives and Natural Hazard Preparation\
Dr Nike Sulway and Dr Jessica Carniel - Cultural (Re)Imaginings and Perspectives in Writing|
Dr Kate Cantrell - Academic Precarity and the Neo-Liberal University