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Kepler452b: a speculative fiction magazine

 Kepler452b is a magazine of speculative fiction, written, edited and published by our students studying:

Kepler452b will be published annually under the guidance and supervision of staff from the Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing and English Literature disciplines.


The planet Kepler452b was discovered by the Kepler telescope in July 2015. It is a super-earth, orbiting a G2 star in its habitable zone, with an orbit around its star of 385 days. It was the first near-Earth-size planet in a habitable zone ever to be discovered. Our magazine is named for this planet – our distant twin – orbiting 1400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus and home, we can imagine, to others just like, and terribly unlike, us.

Commissioning Editors Dr. Nike Sulway
  Dr. Daniel Hourigan      
Publisher and Managing Editor Dr. Dallas John Baker 

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Issue 2: Animality