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Academic Board Elections

Nominations Open - Chair (Academic Board)

Nominations are now open.

Following the retirement of the current Chair (Academic Board), Professor Grant Daggard, and in accordance with the Academic Board Terms of Reference, nominations are now called for the role of Chair (Academic Board).  The term of the role is up to but not including the Academic Board meeting of July 2024. Normally, the Chair (Academic Board) will be a Professor or Associate Professor with prior significant experience on an Academic Board or similar.

A Panel comprising the Vice-Chancellor, the current Chair (Academic Board), or Deputy Chair (Academic Board) if the Chair is a nominee, and the University Secretary shall consider the nominations and compile a list of up to three nominations. The nominations will be presented to Academic Board for individual ratification by secret vote prior to forwarding to Council, in confidence. The Academic Board will not be advised of the outcome of the vote.  Council will appoint the Chair (Academic Board).

The Chair (Academic Board) is responsible for the leadership and management of Academic Board to ensure that Academic Board successfully fulfills its role and functions, as detailed in its Terms of Reference.  The Chair is a member of the University Council, Chancellor’s Committee and Honorary Awards Committee. The Chair is also the Chair of Academic Board Executive Committee. A crucial role for the Chair is communication within the University community on topics relevant to Academic Board.  The Academic Board Terms of Reference and the Chair (Academic Board) duty statement provide further details and can be found on the Academic Board website .

The Chair (Academic Board) role is essentially a 50% workload and includes access to funds (as per the Council Remuneration Schedule – currently $12,967 p.a.) for professional development, research assistance, work relief, etc. as agreed with their supervisor.

Nominations must be submitted on the nomination form below and include a 1 – 2 page statement, based on the Chair (Academic Board) duty statement, by the nominee in support of their nomination.  A curriculum vitae is not required. 

Nominations will close at COB, Wednesday 1 June 2022.


Nominations should be forwarded to: 

The Returning Officer OR

Governance Office, Level 5, S Block, Toowoomba Campus

^ If a nomination is submitted electronically, the original nomination must be presented, if requested.

Any questions or concerns should be forwarded to the Secretary (Academic Board) in the first instance.